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The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Finding a good chocolate chip recipe has always been a struggle for me, until now. This chocolate chic cookie recipe really is the perfect bake and has quickly become one of my ALL TIME favourite recipes.

This recipe produces cookies with the perfect balance of soft in the middle and crunchy and golden on the outside. You'll notice that these cookies are slighter on the bigger side than your

average cookie recipe, but that is what makes all the difference in maintaining that soft to crunchy ration and making them better than anything you'll find in stores.

1. Depending on how much you like chocolate, you can go all out and add loads of chocolate chips or cut up chocolate chunks.

2. Alternatively, you can opt for a more subtle and subdued amount of chocolate like i did if you're not the biggest chocolate fan. Use you favourite chocolate like mint or Top Deck to add an extra twist!

3. This recipe is incredibly versatile. Replace the chocolate chips with your ingredient of choice, such as nuts, raspberries or orange zest. I've also made these plain and they're just as good!

They really are delicious. They are perfect for any event, especially midnight snacks, are super easy on ingredients and time, and will definitely be a hit with family and friends!


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Download the recipe below:

Chocolate Chip Cookies Ingredient Card
Download D • 38KB

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