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Summer Berry Mini Pavlovas

A simple yet delightful summer dessert that is a perfect balance between sweet flavours and textures. This recipe works well for any occasion and only needs 4 ingredients!!!

This recipe is very easy to make and only uses 4 ingredients! I like making mini pavlovas because i think its a lot easier for people to eat since it is already portioned. This recipe can however still be used with a large meringue (or pavlova shell). Double or triple the cream and icing sugar quantities according to the size of your meringue.

Be careful not too make the whipped cream too sweet.

Meringues are naturally very sweet so the whipped cream balances out this sweetness and the

berries and a fresh but slightly tart flavour to further balance the whole dessert. Feel free to experiment with the fruits that you use to add more colour and flavour!

Top the pavlovas using the shavings you carved from the bottom of the pavlova. You can also lightly dust the pavlovas with some sifted icing sugar for added visual appeal!


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Download the recipe below:

Summer Berry Mini Pavlovas
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