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Succulent Chicken Schnitzel

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

This recipe is my all time favourite. It is so quick and easy that I find myself using it very often if i ever need a quick dinner recipe. The chicken is full of flavour and very juicy and tender, making it a perfect recipe!

One essential of this recipe is pounding the chicken with either a meat tenderiser, a rolling pin or even your fist. This has many benefits and is one of the main reasons why this recipe comes out so good!

1. It makes your chicken breast stretch further. I always find chicken breast to be a very meaty cut of chicken, so pounding it down means you get so much more out of you cut, saving you a lot of money.

2. it makes your chicken cook evenly. Pounding your chicken makes the size of each piece more consistent, making the chicken cook faster and more uniformely.

Feel free to season your chicken with your favourite spices and a bit of cooking oil before putting it into the fridge for a quick marinate. Remember not to overcook the chicken when frying so it remains tender and juicy. I love pairing this chicken dish with egg fried rice (recipe loading soooooon!).


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Download the recipe below:

Succulent Chicken Schnitzel
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