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Small Cheese Board

A perfect afternoon treat or picnic essential. Great for just one person but even better if shared with a special friend or family member. I love cheese boards because you can put all of your favourite nibbles in one place.

Cheese boards are one of my top go-to's for entertaining (or just when I want to treat myself to something fancy). I love how easy they are to assemble and how versatile they can be.

When it comes to cheese boards, there are a few simple guidelines that will ensure they come out looking right every time:

  1. Abundance. A great cheese board needs to look abundant and visually appealing. I find that bunching or placing items in small piles instantly gives the illusion of a fuller board, even when you don't have that many ingredients. I try to avoid harsh line because I feel like they can make the board look boring and sparsely populated very easily.

  2. Colour and Textures. I love playing with lots of colours and different textures in my cheese boards to make in a fun experience all around to eat. Using a variety of ingredients is a very easy way to do this. Using two different types of cheese (like camembert and cheddar) and vegetables (like olives and celery) for example is a quick and easy way to achieve this.

  3. Be creative. Try different ingredients and layouts to see how you like to assemble your cheese boards.



Download the recipe below:

Small Cheese Board
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