Pan-Seared Beef

Crispy fried strips of beef that are super simple to make and are full of flavour! I love this recipe because its literally ready in minutes!

This recipe is great by itself or even better as a base that can be built on to make some great dishes. You'll see me using this recipe a lot in the coming weeks and months in my Mongolian beef and broccoli recipe as well as my beef stroganoff recipe so stay tuned!.

Some tips on how to get the perfect pan-seared beef are:

1. Place the beef in the freezer for 10 - 15 minutes before you begin to cook. This will help the beef firm up for easier slicing.

2. Ensure your flour is sifted well. This will help with getting the perfect sear and having a nice crust form on the outside of the beef while keeping it juicy and tender inside. If your flour is not well sifted it may run the risk of making the beef clumpy.

3. Ensure you fry the beef in two batches and that you do not overcrowd your frying pan. This will result in soggy beef as it will steam rather than fry and become crispy.

4. Make sure to use high heat to allow the outside to crisp up and sear nicely.



Download the recipe below:

Pan-Seared beef
Download PDF • 127KB

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