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Juicy Beef Meatballs

A quick and easy recipe that is full of flavor and can be used in many different dishes! This recipe can be enjoyed as a standalone dish or as a delicious pasta or rice dish. I love this recipe because it makes good use of the crust piece of bread, everyone's least favourite slice!

The beauty of this recipe is it needs very little preparation and cooking time. Simply combine all of the meatball ingredients into a large bowl and mix well to ensure all of the ingredients are well incorporated. When frying the meatballs, you can add some fresh rosemary and garlic to the oil to add extra flavour!

Some important notes:

- Egg and bread crumbs are binding agents that help the meatballs not fall apart when cooked. You can choose to only use one binding agent if you would like but I prefer to add both for firm and flavourful meatballs.

- I suggest using the crust piece of the bread as this really helps to bind the meatballs together well.

- Make sure to not overcook the meatballs as this will result in dry meatballs and potentially make them fall apart.

You can also add different vegetables to your meatballs depending on your preference. Bell peppers and grated carrots are some great examples. Feel free to add or omit any spices. Play around with spice combinations for your desired flavour.

Video tutorial:


Download the recipe below:

Juicy Beef Meatballs
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